Why resort to mortgage refinancing?

Do you own property? Your property has certainly increased in value over the last few years. Did you know that you can refinance up to 80% of its net worth? With the capital gain, you might carry out projects that are important to you, improve your quality of life or even help you solve your financial problems.

With mortgage refinancing, you can engage in home improvement projects, buy a vacation home, a cottage, or the boat of you’ve always dreamt of; while enjoying an excellent financing option and effective solution to your need for liquidity. Benefit from the expertise of a mortgage broker of Multi-Prêts to help guide you; the consulting service is free for all our clients!

With mortgage refinancing, you can halt the over-indebtedness situation arising from your credit card debts and personal loans at high rates. By choosing a new mortgage at a lower rate that includes all of your loans and the sum of your debts, you will only have to make one lower monthly payment! Since the amortization period is extended, you can adjust your monthly payment according to your situation.

Note that notary fees of approximately $800 associated with refinancing cases can be deducted from the cash advance.

Call us to find out how much you would save per month if you refinance your property. You might be surprised!